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Dr. Charles V. Petty is America's family humorist.

Dr. Charles V. Petty

  • Humorist
  • Founder, Family Success Unlimited, Inc.
  • Leader, Family Life Conferences
  • Climbing The Ladder Of Success AND Taking Your Family With You
  • Families Are Funny-Different - And - Important
  • Roaring Fires, Flickering Flames, Dying Embers or Cold Ashes?
  • Ambush At The Generation Gap
  • Educators: Shapers Of The Dream
  • The Kind of Teacher I Wish My Child Had
  • Winning Communities Are Made Of These:  Strong Economy, Caring Volunteers & Stable Families
Audiences laugh and cry.  They give him standing ovations.  Dr. Charles Petty routinely receives the ultimate compliment paid any speaker - invitation back again and again.

Charles Petty is funny.  People have literally walked out because their bodies hurt so much from laughing.  He has the rare ability to package profound, life-changing truths in humor.  He follows that great Southern tradition of being able to package the profound in humor.

Charles uses humor that contains a powerful life-changing message, and that is what most program planners seem to appreciate.  He can be serious or funny, depending upon the program planner's preference.  When Charles speaks, his goal is always to help people be, as well as feel, better.

Dr. Petty says, "My job as a speaker is to put
          A smile on faces
                    Information in minds
                              Motivation in hearts
                                        Inspiration in spirits
          And -- Make the program planner look good!"

More than 600 churches have asked Dr. Petty to supplement their ministry to families. He knows that:

  • Family hurts and tragedies are will know to every minister
  • Churches have been devastated by the loss of some of their best families
  • Ministers spend unusual amounts of time and energy helping hurting families
  • Evangelism, missions and ministry all suffer because of family fragmentation

His wisdom is based upon timeless, tested Biblical principles, not faddish theories. His insights are practical , not theoretical.  His solutions to problems are evident, not shadowy abstractions.  His suggestions for achieving happiness and success are obtainable for everyone, not just a select few.

"Your address was one of the richest, most heartwarming, encouraging, delightful experiences of my entire life."

Winfred Moore, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Amarillo, TX

"It was, without doubt, the best intensive event dealing with marriage and family that I have ever experienced ... I appreciate your witness and willingness to proclaim such plain and powerful truths to so many people with such enthusiasm.  God has truly gifted you in a special way."

Rick Fisher, Associate Minister
Atlanta, GA


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