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Rosita Perez, change-of-pace, nurturer, shallenges, choices & changes

Rosita Perez, CPAE

  • Social Worker
  • Mental Health Administrator
  • Musician
  • "Revitalizer"
  • Author


  • Challenges, Choices & Changes
  • Nurturance for the Nurturers
  • Moving from "Three to Get Ready" to "Four to Go!"
Rosita Perez is a former social worker and mental health administrator.

She translates her social conscience into musical, substantive, fun-filled sessions that push emotional buttons.  She transforms the lives she touches with programs that are unforgettable wake-up calls.

Rosita Perez is the author of The Music Is You:  A Guide to Thinking Less and Feeling More.

The Million Dollar Round Table invited Rosita to be the first woman in their history to address 7,000 insurance professionals and their spouses as the Opening Main Platform Speaker.

Challenges, Choices & Changes
  • Boldly embarking for uncommon places on and off the job.  Passionate messages about universality instead of cultural diversity in the workplace.
Nurturance for the Nurturers
  • Especially appropriate for educators and health care professionals who are often everything to everyone and not enough to self.
Moving from "Three to Get Ready" to
"Four to Go!"
  • Participants explore going beyond fear to live the life they imagine.
"You and General Schwarzkopf scored the highest.  We want you back next year."

Prudential Real Estate Affiliates

"More, more, more!  Most moving speaker I have ever heard!   Those were some of the comments.  On a 1-5 rating scale, If I had averaged in the 10's, you surpassed the 5 rating."

Barnett Mortgage Company


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