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Rev. Peter Marshall ministering on Christian growth on maturity

Peter Marshall

  • Preacher
  • Evangelist
  • Author
  • Professional Speaker 
  • Christian Growth & Maturity
  • Is There Hope for America?
  • Chruchianity or Christianity
  • The Healing of Christ in Ourselves and Our Relationships
  • The Christian Background of the Declaration of Independence
  • The Necessity of Christian Involvement
Peter Marshall as a full-time preacher/teacher/evangelist is available to preach on Sunday mornings and evenings (and Saturday where applicable), as well as to conduct four or five day preaching missions on Christian growth and maturity, to conduct weekend teaching seminars on America's Christian heritage and the need for Christians to get involved in the restoration of our society, to speak at fundraising dinners for crisis pregnancy centers and Christian schools, and to give ;inspirational talks for corporations or civic groups.

Believing that the Christian faith consists of a personal and ever-deepening relationship with the living Christ as Savior and Lord, and the Bible is our "only infallible rule of faith and practice," Peter Marshall is invited by churches and groups of all denominations.

Peter Marshall sees an America in crisis and that nation-wide revival is the
only hope for us.  He prophetic ministry focuses on the urgent necessity of Christians recovering the original American vision and the importance of putting
2 Chronicles 7:14
into practice:

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land."

A Personal Word from Peter Marshall

Let me share with you the burden of my heart:

I believe that America is in the worst crisis of our entire history -- massive corruption in business and political life; an immoral sexuality responsible for the pornography plague, AIDS, and abortion; families coming apart -- the list goes on and on.

We may have very few years left before the disintegration of our society reaches the point where it has become too sick to heal.

We have lost America's moral and spiritual foundations, and the Church is not turning the nation back to God.  The Bible says:  "If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?"  Good question!  What indeed are we going to do?   

We must recover the original American vision, because the basic problem is that we have lost our identity as a nation -- we no longer know who we are or why we're here.  Modern American are appallingly ignorant of the fact that our nation was founded by people who had a deep commitment to Christ and to one another, and who had a vision of a new society based on the Biblical principles of self-government, in order to be an example to the rest of the world.

Is there hope for America?  Yes!  But our national healing will not automatically happen just because we pray for it.  If we American Christians truly respond to God's call, we may yet see the nation-wide revival that will restore America.  But the hour is late and we must respond quickly.


"I strongly recommend Reverend Peter Marshall as a speaker.  He has a message from God, and is one of the most knowledgeable men of our times on the subject of America's Christian and biblical heritage.  People need to hear the message that God has put on Peter's heart."

Bill Bright
Campus Crusade for Christ

"Very few men in America have been granted a clearer insight into the spiritual roots of America than Peter Marshall.  I consider his a vital link in the chain that God is forging to pull America back from the brink of moral chaos to the clear spiritual vision of our Founding fathers."

Pat Robertson
Chairman of the Board
Christian Broadcasting Network

"Rev. Peter Marshall brings critical information on the Christian foundling of our country to the American public in a most informative and enjoyable fashion.  The audience will be blessed and enlightened."

Dr. D. James Kennedy
Coral Ridge Ministries


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