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Ed Hearn, World Series to Life's Hall of Fame

Ed Hearn

  • World Series Champion
  • Member or New York Mets & Kansas City Royals
  • "Hall of Famer in the game of Life"
  • Professional Speaker
  • Conquering Life's Curves
  • The Winning Edge
  • Touching all the Bases
Ed Hearn knows about thrilling comebacks all too well.  In 1986, after eight trying years in the minor leagues, Ed realized his childhood dream of playing Major League Baseball.  As a rookie with the New York Mets, they captured the World Series with a come-from-behind victory.  A year later, Ed was traded to the Kansas City Royals,  expecting to reap the rewards of a professional contract.  Instead, he suffered a serious shoulder injury.  He spent the next three years fighting his way back, only to have to walk away for the game and career he loved. Little did Ed Hearn know, the physical obstacles ahead were far more devastating than the shoulder injury.

Less than six months after his baseball career ended, Ed was diagnosed with three potentially life-threatening health conditions. He was reduced to a man who could barely care for himself.  Ed hung on, through, and used these physical challenges to make the most incredible come-back of his life.  Today, after a life-saving kidney transplant, a successful bout with cancer, the aid of a breathing machine each night, a costly IV treatment once a month and up to 35 pills per day, Ed Hearn has come back to live a life that is truly an inspiration.  As an author and speaker, his courage, faith and determination speak volumes as we face life's challenges.

Ed Hearn is entertaining, captivating and motivating , but what makes him truly unique is his genuine desire to empower and uplift those around him.  His inspiring, real-life message is sure to have a lasting impact on your audience.

Whenever possible, I like to make myself readily available to share these special "up-close" moment.  Whether it's taking photos with my new friends and the World Series trophy or joining in on a round of golf with the group, I consider these to be all part of my job in helping to make your event one they will remember for a long time to come.

Until then, keep swing for life's fences!

 . . . Ed Hearn


Conquering Life's Curves

  • Ed has lived that which most speaker can only talk about.  He draws from a wide ranging arsenal of life changing values and principles, while giving them an inside look at the good life in the Major Leagues along with the battles of life-threatening illnesses and severe depression.  More importantly, Id presents audiences with concepts they can apply to make the best of any circumstances. It is an inspiring and meaningful message with a healthy dose of humor. 

The Winning Edge

  • The same ingredients necessary to build a World Championship baseball team are vital to success in the intensely competitive business market. Today's corporate leaders are recognizing the value of employees who are team players, have discipline and can persevere through challenges an adversity.  The insights Ed Hearn has gained serve as a blueprint fro prosperity for thse struggling up the corporate ladder. It will inspire and inform your group and leave them with a positive, successful approach toward work, as will as their personal lives. 

Touching all the Bases
- Youth Program

  • We may face no bigger challenge today than that of steering our children through a maze of modern-day temptations.  As parents, we are often frustrated by our children as they ignore our guidance and succumb to the influence of today's so-called role models such as athletes, musicians, and entertainers.  Ed uses the platform he has been given as a former professional athlete to reinforce ideas parents want their children to hear.  One of life's true champions, Ed Hearn exposes young people to a positive, uplifting message that will benefit them always..
"The road to success seldom climbs straight up the hill, but few go through the valleys that Ed has experienced.  He shares his personal struggle, the soaring joys and wrenching pain with a message that should inspire each of us to achieve new heights."

Henry W. Bloch
Chairman of the Board
H&R Block

"Everyone felt you gave one of the best programs we have ever had.  Even the women thought it was the best so far (for us, this is a first - our ladies never like speakers from the sports world)!"

Brent Larson
Southwestern Bell


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