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Frank Cappiello

Frank Cappiello

  • Financial Analyst
  • Wall Street Week Panelist
  • Author
  • Expert: U.S. & Global Economy
  • Contributor:  MarketWatch.com
  • The "New" American Economy and Wall Street:
    - Perils & Possibilities
Never has an investor had so much to worry about, Frank Cappiello shows his audiences the potential pitfalls of the marketplace while providing sound advice for making the most of their money. Frank Cappiello is one of the country's leading financial analysts and an expert on the U.S. and global economy with a unique angle - he talks about what is happening in the economy from the Wall Street perspective. Since 1970 he has been widely recognized as a frequent panelist on PBS' Wall $treet Week With Louis Rukeyser, he can also be seen on ABC's Good Morning America, CNN, and CNBC. In addition to being president of a San Francisco-based investment advisory firm, McCullough, Andrews & Cappiello, he also the author of Frank Cappiello's Guide to Finding the Next Superstock and The Complete Guide to Closed-End Funds and contributes a regular column to CBS.MarketWatch.com.

The "New" American Economy and Wall StreetPerils & Possibilities

  • An economic and financial forecast of the next 18 months including an overview of current economic trends in the U.S. and some comments on global competition including:
    • The birth and development of the "New" American economy.
    • It's effect on global competition and the U.S. stock market.
    • Risks and opportunities for the U.S. in the next two years.
    • Global overview - Japan, Mexico, and Europe. China - an awakening giant or an overblown dragon? Oil and politics in the Middle East.
    • Some long-term trends to year 2000 including changes in lifestyles and its effect on retailing.
"For more than a decade, we have been hearing that the U.S. is an "economic cripple" unable to compete with Japan or Germany in "high tech" or "low tech"; that our work force is lazy, our products low in quality, and our collective will to grow profitably has been eroded. Wrong on all counts! What our economic adversaries were seeing was the flabby U.S. of the late 1970's and early 1980's, culminating in 1985 when the World Economic Congress pronounced Japan #1 in competitiveness.

How time have changed. That same group last year pronounced the U.S. the #1 competitive nation with Japan #2! That's the untold financial story - that the U.S. economy is different today than in the 1980's - or the 70's or 60's. That's the reason the stock market measured by the stock market has surged from 2500 to 5700 in more than 5 years and why Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Michelin and a hundred other world class industrial giants have located in the U.S. in the past ten years. And the economic scenario gets even better as we approach the 21 century"

 . . . Frank Cappiello


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