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John W. Alston

  • American Institute of Stress Management
  • Psychologist
  • Trainer
  • Author
  • Consulting & Education

Topics Include:

  • Youth Programs
  • Programs for Educators
  • Stuff Happens That You Fix It

John Alston celebrates life's journey through character, decency & common sense!

More than 3,000,000 people have crowded into meetings across America to listen to the extraordinary message of John Alston.  John is a man of many interests, with a professional life that spans the worlds of consulting, psychology, training, writing, and education.  Using his wealth of experience, John's presentations are all designed to meet the needs of the client with the universal concepts John has discovered to be of value to achieve desired outcomes.

As a keynote speaker and trainer, John Alston uses humor, instructive examples, and stories to assist people in cultivating the attitude, appropriate impetus, and the skills necessary for personal development, professional improvement, and moving beyond the comfort zone to meet the challenges, changes, and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Programs that stress character, decency and common sense. One minute, profoundly serious and compelling, the next minute hilarious with insight, and specific strategies. All members of the audiences benefit as John takes them on a thoughtful journey, exploring the realities of a changing and turbulent world. One of the speaker's bureaus out of which he works says, “He is on our goose bump list of speakers”. John's youth programs, teen programs and school programs are the ultimate school assembly. He's skilled at directing his humor for teens as well as youth of all ages.

A message needed now more than ever

John Alston covers issues of self-control, personal responsibility, choices, managing peer pressure, and conflicts with parents, teachers, siblings, human diversity, and embracing a philosophy that yields character, decency, and common sense. John brings a strong positive philosophy with concrete steps to take in order to influence behavior, strengthen character, and combat negative forces that frequently throw us off balance.

This one-time classroom teacher, educational consultant, trainer, speaker to youth, founder and former director of the American Institute of Stress Management has appeared on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," the "Montel Williams Show, “ featured on two Public Broadcasting Specials, holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. He is the author of the books Story Power, Talking to Teens in Turbulent Times, and “Life's a Gift, Don't Trash It!” He has earned the (CSP) Certified Speaking professional designation of the National Speakers Association and is holder of the coveted CPAE, Council of Peers Award for Excellence and in 2001 was inducted into the National Speakers Associations Hall of Fame. He is one of the best!

Youth Programs
Teenagers, educators and parents schools, academies, institutes, clubs and associations love his unpredictable, instructive and thought-provoking style. Skillfully, he frames many of life's challenging issues while providing a powerful message. If you're looking for a humorous youth speaker with a message that stresses character and common sense, John Alston is for you, your school, or your teen youth programs.

Programs for Educators
John offers a perspective on changes, challenges and common sense for educators at all levels of instruction, parents, guardians, counselors, and administrators. John Alston, former teacher, administrator and coordinator of staff development, is instructive, humorous and interactive as he shares experiences and makes recommendations.

Stuff Happens That You Fix It
Regardless of the sophistication of your current technology, hardware or innovative communications systems, the human element is the key to business prosperity. However, even when utilizing systems such as Six Sigma or TQM, we're working with the human side of business, and Stuff Happens…Then You Fix It! John Alston is a master of delivering the “how-you-fix-it” answer with simple to understand, easy-to-do techniques.

"You were wonderful!  Your informational and inspirational program motivated us to deal with conflict in life and find humor so that we can keep smiling!"

Sharleen Smith
Director of Training
State of Alabama Personnel Department

"You did a superb job for us -- you CONNECTED!!  You made a real contribution to our meeting and you've made a mark that will be of lasting benefit to Sara Lee.  You are the best!!"

Charles W. Chambers
Vice President
Sara Lee Corporation

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