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Patricia Fripp with Jack McCall

We think our speakers are pretty wonderful
but don't take our word for it. Please read
what past clients have had to say!


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John Altson

Alston, John

Sara Lee Corp.

"You did a superb job for us -- you CONNECTED!! You made a real contribution to our meeting and you've made a mark that will be of lasting benefit to Sara Lee. You are the best!!"

Emory Austin

Austin, Emory

Century 21

"Our brokers are still raving and will demand to have you back! Personally, I have not been so moved, so enlightened, so motivated and so impressed in my 24 years in business. Your are better than the best."

Alan Bean

Bean, Alan

Osram Sylvania, Inc.

"Thanks, Alan ... our National Sales meeting was a huge success! Your experiences with the space program were extremely relevant to our organization and illustrated the importance of teaming, the way personal goals can work in tandem with those of an organization, and the rewards of thinking 'out-side the box'. It was exciting to have you as part of our team!"

Jim Bearden

Bearden, Jim

TCA Management Company

"One of our best meetings ever ... I rate Jim Bearden a definite five plus! (on a scale of one to five as to the usefulness to your job as a general manager.)"

Luther Beauchamp

Beauchamp, Luther

"... that rare knack for making people cry with laughter ... has a joke for any topic and doesn't ever seem to run out."
"... crowd of over 3,000 were on their feet at the end ... has occurred only a few times."
"... uplifting and useful."

Bechtol, T "Bubba"

Kentucky Hotel-Motel Association

"You can be certain that I will certainly recommend you very highly to anyone wanting an outstanding speaker. You may quote me on this J. Terry Bechtol presented the best program to the Kentucky Hotel and Motel Association that we have ever had. We are still being told that he was absolutely super. We feel most fortunate in having him as our Annual Meeting speaker. I would strongly recommend him for his program. He really is an outstanding speaker."

Bergdahl, Michael

Mike's background with World Class Fortune 500 companies like Pepsico and Wal-Mart will allow you to benchmark your skills against "Best Practices."

Bethel, Sheila Murray

State Farm Insurance

"Any time a presenter can make a crowd laugh, cry and think all in the same hour, you know you have the right keynoter for your conference."

Brock, Terry

National Education Association

"The multimedia demonstration you provided was spectacular and informative. You had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats! We were all visibly in awe to see pictorial images from our own group integrated into your presentation. When their recorded perspectives on technology challenges were used to bring up possible solutions and ideas, it was evident you had developed a solid understanding of the technology issues that were important to them."

Buxman, Karyn


"I've been retaining speakers for several years and have never heard so many rave reviews -- all unsolicited. It always makes the meeting planner look good when the guests go home smiling, and you accomplished that for me."


Calloway, Joe

Helmuts BMW

"I recently attended a BMW National Dealer Meeting and I was totally inspired with your presentation. I returned to my Dealership and felt an energy that I cannot describe. I want to personally thank you for helping me see the light."

Coey, Nancy

Nursing Management Services

"I love that y ou researched our audience and then tailored your speech.  You had 'em laughing, you had 'em crying . . . you just plain had 'em!"

Cornwell, Art

"I was particularly impressed when one of our participants ... who came in late ... recognized your voice over the speaker in the exhibit area and said to me, 'is that Art Cornwell speaking now? I've heard him before!' And he hurried into the general session room so he wouldn't miss anything else."

Crawford, Byron

Charles Kuralt
CBS News Correspondent

"Byron Crawford is the best storyteller in Kentucky -- if your count only the ones who tell the truth. He is the genuine article, having developed his ear for good stories as a boy by attending to the yarn-spinners who congregated at the feed mills and stockyards in his native Lincoln County. The young Crawford then practiced on his childhood buddies there on the banks of Hanging Fork Creek. Ever since, he has practiced on a wider audience."

Crawford, Roger

Bank of America Arizona

"Your more than delivered on our expectations. A true measure of your impact on the event, it seemed s if every speaker that followed quoted something you said in their remarks. I also want to thank you for the effort you made to tailor your address to our audience. It was widely noticed and truly helped drive home your core message of optimism and the power of positive thinking."

Crim, Mort


"... clearly an inspiration ... your homily reinforced the importance and the satisfaction of finding those stories that sit unexamined behind the day's headlines, yet which define the day's meaning."

Cutler, Alan


"Humorous and inspirational. Your insights in the world of sports and its relationship to the business world and business leaders was right on the target."  


Dorsey, Jason R.

Alamo Tech Prep Connections

"Jason Dorsey is an 21 year-old marvel. Even at his young age he is already a published author, speaker, small business owner, and entrepreneur! This young man will captivate every student and adult in the audience. His ideas on career planning, curriculum selection, work experience, and mentoring will impress and astound even the most skeptical of skeptics...His story and action plan will inspire each student (and adult) to achieve their personal best. "


Eichelberger, Chip

Century 21 Real Estate Canada Ltd.

"You were the best speaker ever brought into our organization. Considering that we have employed Tom Hopkins, Floyd Wickman and Mike Ferry, etc. this is truly an outstanding recommendation ... you consistently received a standing ovation in all seven cities."


Fellure, Martha

Southeast Christian Church
Louisville, KY

"Wonderful Presentation! We thank you Martha for making our annual ladies Spring Banquet so special. We have received numerous comments about "God's Design for Women" and the way you were able to use scripture and apply it to all phases of your lives. Your sweet gentle spirit and soft spoken words, were evident of your love for women and motivated them to listen. They loved the picture application with the wedding dress."

Fields, George

Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas

"We love George Fields! Anyone who can face a banquet hall full of grumpy, tired insurance agents (they had been having fun for 3 days) who are fidgeting and ready to go home and turn them into a happy relaxed, renewed group of people is quite a guy."

Fripp, Patricia

Merrill Lynch, Tulsa

"Who would have thought that a speaker from outside our industry could say anything that would keep the interest and earn the respect of our battle-hardened financial professionals? Your exceeded all expectations! Fabulous!"


Garrard, David

First Baptist
Columbus, Georgia

"David's leadership in worship as well as in workshops is phenomenal! He reaches out and grabs your attention with his magic, and then drives home the message and love of our Lord Jesus."

Gatlin, LaDonna


"Your presentation was entertaining, filled with talent, compassion, fun and a message that we could all carry throughout our meeting and beyond."

Gaylord, Mitch

All American Insurance

"Mitch's presentation . . . was an important message for our group to hear and also very entertaining.  The standing ovation was well deserved . . . not only is Mitch an Olympic Gold Medallist, but also an 'All American' speaker."

Gooch, Aunt Mattie

"One of the things I like most about Aunt Mattie is her diversity in that she can appeal to any age or purpose. She is very flexible. There is always wisdom her words. She makes wisdom easier to take because she presents it with humor."

Green, Darin


"The positive feedback was overwhelming! Participants told; me that it was a life-changing presentation, that they were motivated to take charge of their lives in a way that increased their energy and focus on the job. Large numbers expressed their desire for you to come back. It's easy to see why they call you The Cultivator of Excellence!"


Harney, Sylvia

Jerry Clower

"Sylvia Harney is a great writer, a great comic, and a solid, feet-on-the-ground friend! I recommend her and her books to you!"

Ralph Hood

Hood, Ralph

COVAN World-Wide Moving, Inc.

"You made them think, while at the same time you were delightfully humorous. And it was motivating. One person said afterwards, 'He made you want to get up and go to work."  

Humphreys, Suzie

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

"You presented our message in such a way that the next year everyone was still saying, 'Is Suzie Humphreys going to speak again?' I personally want to thank you for providing the best, most humorous presentation with a message that I have had the privilege of booking in the last several years

Willie Jolley

Jolley, Willie

Les Brown

"Willie Jolly is one of the most electrifying speakers on the planet. a powerful personality who offers a rare combination of incredible ideas and information along with dynamic platform skills. A speaker/singer 'extraordinaire' who is definitely a history maker, in the making!"

Craig Karges Craig Karges

Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia

"Having planned scores of meetings and conventions for the insurance industry, I can tell you that sending them home amazed, amused and even empowered is not easy.  and you managed to do all three for our six hundred guest."

Willie Larkin

Larkin, Willie

Alabama Education Association

"As a person who is called upon to do a great deal of public speaking myself, I certainly have to admire your speaking style. Your humorous manner of motivating your listeners to think and believe that they can be positive, productive, and uplifting human beings themselves is extremely impressive."

Vince Lombardi

Lombardi, Vince

Oregon Trucking Association

"You were rated the best attraction of our convention with an average '5' out of a possible 5 points."

D. Wayne Lukas

Lukas, D. Wayne


"D. Wayne Lukas possesses a charisma and presence that simply mesmerizes an audience. In the many times I have heard him speak, he is usually prevailed upon to continue ... or shall I say, 'Go into overtime'."

Lynn, Dr. Traci

Maryland Department of Human Resources

"Dr. Traci's enthusiasm and straight-forward motivation made a tremendous impact on the employees.  She is a powerful motivation force which has inspired change not only in our workplace, but has transferred to many family members of our employees."

Jack McCall

McCall, Jack

Mutual of New York

"You did a superb job and I think the standing ovation given you at the end of your address exemplified the feelings of those present."

Eileen McDargh

McDargh, Eileen

International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association

"With 400 plus accomplished business and political professionals from more than a dozen countries, simultaneous translation into four languages, and the final day of a long conference -- you really delivered. Even our toughest critics were bowled over; one member told me you were our best speaker in 30 years."

Michael McKinley

McKinley, Michael

Great Clips

"I have been responsible for hundreds of meetings, conferences, seminars, and conventions over the past 20 years and have likely hired more than a hundred speakers. I can't think of another speaker that is like Michael McKinley. I certainly work with speakers who deliver a quality presentation that are reasonable to work with. However, I often expect more that that, and Michael McKinley always delivers more that what I expect."

Joe Malarkey

Malarkey, Joe

Weight Watchers North America, Inc.

"I would recommend you to any corporate representative who is seeking to add an innovative, dynamic, fun segment to any training, meeting or conference!" 

Cam Marston

Marston, Cam

“You put on an outstanding presentation as evidenced by the wonderful evaluations that we received from our attendees.  Comments such as “Cam Marston was fantastic!” and “Recruit Cam Marston, he’s terrific!” were very common.”

Susan Miller Miller, Susan

IAAP, Charlotte, North Carolina

"What a fantastic evening we had at the IAAP Annual Seminar.  Your talk on Oomph! was exhilarating and due to you speaking, we have received ten follow-up calls for new members.  What a great job!  Thanks for all you did."

Jenny Nolen

Nolen, Jenny

Cracker Barrel

"Light, positive, humorous, and very informative; enjoyed by everyone who attended. You have the gift of communication, and since you were here many of your suggestions have been put in practice."

Patrick O'Dooley

O'Dooley, Patrick

American Airlines

"Your program was tremendous! Your ability to motivate us to give great customer service and to be our B.E.S.T. goes with our own American Airlines philosophy to be #1."

Paige Phillips

Parnell, Paige Phillips

Alabama Army National Guard

"It takes a truly unique individual to so vividly capture the attention and imagination of an entire audience that is composed of diverse backgrounds and interests. Ms. Phillips readily accomplished this throughout her performance."  

Jerry Patterson

Patterson, Dr. Jerry

Huguley Memorial Medical Center

"He had us all rolling in the aisles with hilarity, proving that 'laughter is the best medicine."

Terry Paulson

Paulson, Dr. Terry

Illinois Health Care Association

"I was amazed and thrilled to see how you could take a crowded room of people and lead them, as if they were a single entity, through the ups and downs of your comments. You had every one of the 1600 attendees fixed on every word."

Mary Glynn Peeples

Peeples, Mary Glynn

Among Mary Glynn Peeples' audience have been:
Dr. James Dobson's radio programs, Chick-Fil-A corporate meetings, Moody Women's Conference, Women Alive Conference, Key Royal National Convention, and the 700 Club.

Charles Petty

Petty, Dr. Charles

Associate Minister, Atlanta, GA

"It was, without doubt, the best intensive event dealing with marriage and family that I have ever experienced ... I appreciate your witness and willingness to proclaim such plain and powerful truths to so many people with such enthusiasm. God has truly gifted you in a special way."

Charlie Plumb Charlie Plumb


"From the preparation to the audience reaction, your grade was excellent.  You took Rob's information and weaved it perfectly into your talk.  You gave us many messages and words of inspiration.  In each of us there are the elements for success if we choose to use them.  Our adversity in our daily lives becomes miniscule in comparison to your experiences in North Viet Nam.  Your positive spirit in meeting your challenges can be an example for us."

Nido Qubein

Qubein, Nido

BF Goodrich

"Your presentation was upbeat and energy-filled. You won the respect of our group and showed familiarity with our products, people and markets. Great!"

Tony Ruesing Ruesing, Tony

Southwestern Bell

"Thanks for doing such a terrific job in giving your presentation to my managers.  Through your use of humor, magic and compelling examples, you gave my team a crisp message regarding how to improve customer service."

Mark Sanborn

Sanborn, Mark


"You gave the most energetic, entertaining, and thought provoking presentation we have ever experienced. I am particularly appreciative of the amount of work you did to insure your message was relevant to our company, our industry, and the internal changes we are trying to accomplish."

Barbara Sanfilippo

Sanfilippo, Barbara

Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D.
Co-Author, The One Minute Manager

"Great! Barbara Sanfilippo's Five Star Service Solutions takes the mystery out of the process of delivering terrific service with vivid examples, and a simple but solid approach "

Lee Shelton

Shelton, Lee

Eastman Kodak Company

"Only once in a while, one can witness the ebullient enthusiasm in a talented speaker such as the likes of Lee Shelton."

Kay DeKalb Smith

Smith, Kay DeKalb

First Baptist Church, Franklin, TN

"Kay helps people not to take themselves too seriously and, at the same time, to take God more seriously."

Bobbie Staten

Staten, Bobbie

Indiana Medical Group Management Association

"I have never seen a group of serious medical administrators laugh so much for sixty minutes. It was indeed the highlight of our program.”

Robert Stevenson

Stevenson, Robert

United Refrigerated Services

"In a few words, the strongest aspects of your speech were your delivery and customization to our company. You received the highest rating from our group of any speaker we've ever had, and we've been holding these meetings since 1982!"

Dave Stone

Stone, Dave

Columbus Regional Healthcare System

"Dave did a tremendous job. I was impressed with his interest in getting to know the organization and how "personal" his speech was."

Dennis Swanberg

Swanberg, Dr. Dennis

Zig Ziglar

"Dennis Swanberg is a funny man who tells funny stories in a funny way. He makes everyday events hilarious and, more important, uses them as the bridge to convey a message of love and hope through our Lord. He's good, very good!"

Sue Thomas

Thomas, Sue

Columbia Pictures Television

"We went to hear her speak before an audience of several hundred people. We were spellbound, as was the entire audience."

Three On A String

Three On a String

George H. W. Bush, former  President of the United States

"I want to thank Three On a String for the great music. It was a pleasure seeing you. "

Bryan Townsend

Townsend Bryan

Southern Natural Gas

"Southern's customers were still talking about how much they enjoyed you the next day. Your presentation was perfect for a corporation entertaining it's customers."

Al Walker

Walker, Al

Wal-Mart Pharmacy Division

"Your message was well received and our District Managers left enthused and enlightened. I think the best feedback on your presentation was the fact that our executive level asked that you be given an extra half-hour."

Desi Williamson

Williamson, Desi

Prudential Securities

"Desi, your enthusiasm has put a new energy into our lives! The ideas you shared will impact us for years to come."

Larry Winget

Winget Larry

Southern Bell

"To say you got rave reviews would be an understatement. A more accurate statement would be that you were the best keynote speaker we've ever had!"

Thomas Winninger

Winninger, Thomas J.

Affiliated Foods Southwest

“His excellent keynote address brought the entire prospective of our changing market into focus.  His energy and knowledge was both thought provoking and educational to our supermarket owners and operators. The comments from our membership have been excellent.”

David Yoho

Yoho, David

The Washington Post

"You really have a way of getting the audience involved."

Gary Zelesky

Zelesky, Gary

Hilton Waikola, Hawaii

"What an incredible presentation! I know for a fact that every person who attended the presentation walked away with a feeling that the time was well spent. My only regret is that we didn't allow more time. However, the next time (and I do hope there will be a next time) we will allow more time."


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