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International Learning Conference Recognized Consultant Al Walker


Al Walker of Columbia SC was presented the Gold Director award for outstanding sales achievement at the 21st annual Carlson International Business Conference hosted by Carlson Learning Company.

Al Walker
Al Walker

The conference was held February 10 - 12, 2000 at the Palm Springs Riviera Resort in Palm Springs, California. This premier event, representing the largest gathering of independent trainers and consultants in the world, explores leading-edge approaches to improving individual and organizational performance in today's diverse workplace.

Highlights from the Conference included the launch of two new products.

  1. Points of View, a new web-based product, is designed to offer individuals a unique learning experience that provides personalized feedback
  2. Transition-The Personal Path Through Change, a learning guide based on the work of Dr. William Bridges, PhD, helps people effectively deal with change on their own.

Carlson International Business Conference attracted attendees from around the world. Nearly 400 trainers and consultants gathered to learn about new products, share ideas, and receive recognition for their success in integrating Carlson Learning Company products in their training and consulting solutions. "Carlson's quality learning instruments have helped over 30 million people gain a better understanding of themselves. Together with top professionals like you, we will continue to help people develop their emotional intelligence in our increasingly changing world," said Thomas Ritchey, President of Carlson Learning Company. Carlson Learning Company, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the leading international publisher of quality learning resources in the areas of personal development and performance improvement. Carlson's learning instruments and programs are used by business and educational organizations in over 80 countries, and have been translated into seventeen languages.


Al Walker specializes in results-oriented training programs. Al is a masterful teacher and is nationally recognized for his unique, fun-loving, humorous approach to speaking.
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