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Sullivan's Laws

Jim Sullivan

Sullivanís Law of Probability Dispersal:
ďWhatever it is that hits the fan will not be evenly distributed.Ē

Sullivanís Law of Pre-Emptive Knowledge:
It is better to know it and not need it than it is to need it and not know it.

Sullivanís Law of Know-How:
Any dope with a check book can buy a business. Itís what you do afterwards that matters.

Jim Sullivan
Sullivanís Law of Employee Discipline:
Favors granted always become defined as rights.

Sullivanís Law of Labor Statistics:
The rate of unemployment is 100 percent if itís you who is unemployed.

Sullivanís Law of Distinction:
Different is not always better but better is always different

Sullivanís Law of Location:
It is more fun to eat at a bar than it is to drink in a restaurant

Sullivanís Law of Excuses:
If you do it, then itís done.

Sullivanís Law of Price and Value:
People always buy value, since thereís always a ďlower priceĒ somewhere else.

Sullivanís Law of Hierarchy:
If youíre at the top of the ladder, cover your ass; if youíre at the bottom, cover your face.

Sullivanís Law of Over-Use:
Everyone stands for quality. As a result, no one does. Pick another benefit of your product to promote to customers.

Sullivanís Law of Convergence:
If two people are in a kitchen, they will head for the same spot.

Sullivanís Law of Barnyards:
In any pecking order, the ration of peckers to peck-ees is always greater than one.

Since 1992, Jim Sullivan's live seminars have been recognized as the service industry's most effective and solution-driven programs. His creative approach, practical ideas and energizing delivery is guaranteed to move your audience to action and your business to better bottom line results
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