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The Confidence Builder

Tony Ruesing, CSP

Authentic self-esteem is a wonderful basis from which to participate in any job that involves working with people. Anyone with authentic self-esteem and the skills to make life a journey of discovery approach their lives with less anxiety and apprehension. Some people have a knack for looking you in the eye when they talk to you, and they make you feel at ease because they seem to know what to do in almost any circumstance.

Tony Ruesing
Tony Ruesing
Confidence and competence occur when people do what they like to do. In addition, they exhibit a high level of enthusiasm that seems to grow in direct proportion to how much they become involved in what they are doing.

"I have to do such and such," gives a completely different message than "I want to do such and such." A person's enthusiasm seems to attract other people and expands to include them in the excitement of whatever is happening.

When someone is happy in their job, they are generally competent, positive, and attract people. Even when a less-positive person confronts them, they seem to be able to roll with the punches and remain upbeat rather than drawn into the frustration of another. An optimistic person expects only good things to happen, and so usually that is what happens. It is often referred to as, "making your own luck."

People who maintain an enthusiastic attitude and a zest for life are prone to draw on a sense of humor to help them cope with life. By being able to see the funny side of life, even in the most negative situations, they seem to be capable of turning adversity into opportunity.

Enthusiasm for work comes much more easily when non-work problems are left out of the work place. The same should apply to work related problems; they need to be left at work rather than being carried into the sanctuary of home. People who carry worries from place to place run the risk of becoming depressed. Carrying problems back and forth creates a situation that puts happiness on hold. Nothing is exciting anymore. Things lose their luster. When life loses its excitement, no one comes out on top. Instead, there is a tendency to simply give up and let the problems of life overwhelm and overtake the spirit.

To avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and empty spirited, it is important to get the proper rest, meals, and exercise. Even the most crowded schedules need to allow time for the self.

Authentic self-esteem is developed by taking care to insure personal needs are adequately met. When they are, it builds a reservoir making it much easier to see to the needs of others. Authentic self-esteem is built one step at a time beginning with a willingness to accept the present as it is, while at the same time choosing to make positive changes in behavior so the future can be enhanced. Practice finding the best in others instead of focusing on finding fault. This also will help to build the self-esteem that makes working with others much easier. People who find fault do so out of habit. One of the positive changes in behavior might be to start catching people doing the right things as opposed to the wrong things.

Try it for thirty days in earnest and see for yourself the impact it can have on the future.


Congratulations to Tony Ruesing for earning the Certified Speaking Professional award of achievement from the National Speakers Association.
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