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How to Restore Damaged Trust

Janet E. Lapp, Ph.D.

Employees feel deeply betrayed by their companies and managers. According to Princeton Survey Associates, only 38% of workers trust management to keep their promises. How, and if, trust is restored is crucial to employee loyalty, the success of the company, and to society. This is what leaders who have restored trust have done.

Janet Lapp
Janet E. Lapp, Ph.D.
  •  kept their word.
  • shared more information than they had in the past and justified job losses with objective data.
  • gave decision-making employees the financial information and operations data that helped them link what they did to overall company goals.
  • established a common set of clear values and spent time getting commitment to them.
  • let people make decisions in their own areas. Gave them the tools they needed to do the job, and didn't undermine them.
  • gave them direction, feedback, and reasons why they were doing the jobs they were.
  • clarified goals and aligned them with a reward system that made sense.
  • helped people develop skills with long-term applicability and value.

What can you do today to help restore trust in your group? chance.


Dr. Janet Lapp’s non-stop energy, enthusiasm, and kick-butt messages drive her audiences to create change, get-on-board-or-get-off-the-bus, take risks, and move forward.
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