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6 Steps to Better Brands

by T. Scott Gross

1. Nail the values, mission, and vision piece before you take another step.

2. Evaluate the brand you already have. What equity do you have? Can this brand be repaired?

3. Do you have a B.I.G.* idea or at least the germ of one? What could you do to earn a unique perspective? (* Brand Identity Genius… the idea that sets you apart in the marketplace.)

4. Review your entire brand experience from promise to product to make certain each point of contact is brand congruent.

5. Go to market:

            Compelling experience...
                      call it Positively Outrageous Service

            Strategic networking...
                      more and better contacts

            Clever PR...
                      better to stand out than to be outstanding

            Event marketing...
                      the objective is always to get trial

6. Re-evaluate. Your market will change and so must your brand.

T Scott Gross
T Scott Gross
When Brands Break…

“Don't create a brand from thin air... find out what you are good at and passionate about...and then find out what the market wants.”

“When it comes to branding it is sometimes off the mark to be cool.”

T Scott Gross is a professional speaker who helps companies build customers, relationships, and improve the bottom-line through MicroBranding: the simple, not easy process of owning a tiny corner in the mind of someone you want to impress.

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