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9 Ways to Get to the Next Level

Joe Calloway, CSP

The best people beat your door down:
If I don't know who you are how am I supposed to want to work for you? Who are you?

Spill the beans:
Give everyone as much information about everything as you possibly can. Decisions made in a silo are bad decisions.

Why people get jazzed about their work:
Because it's so much fun to work here that I can't believe it. This place rocks. If it's not fun to work here - you're toast.

Leadership has one job:
Remember who we are. That's your only job as a leader. To remind everybody of who we are. As a manager you have a thousand things to do. As a leader you have one thing to do.

Stay out of bad neighborhoods:
If your meetings are boring they are a complete waste of time. Boring meetings are a very, very bad neighborhood. Great companies have meetings that rock.

What's the point:
Everything you do, think, and talk about is in the context of creating bulletproof customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is your most valuable asset. This is not a slogan. This is reality. If you don't understand this most basic tenet of business today then you are in big, big trouble.

Pull. Don't push:
It's much more effective to have people looking for you and asking you to take their money than the other way around. What are you doing to make me search for you? What's the payoff?

Your competition:
Is very good. Very, very good. If they weren't, they wouldn't be your competition, would they? If your competitors weren't very, very good, you'd have all the customers, make all the money, and rule the world. Your competition is very, very good. So why should I pick you?

Don't sell nails:
If you try to compete based on product, quality, and service then you are selling a commodity. You are selling a pound of nails. And when selling a commodity price always wins. To move beyond commodity you have to move into experience.


Joe Calloway, Professional Speaker, Building customer focused organizaions.
Joe Calloway
What is is like to do business with you?

You have to create community. I don't know: If you wait for all the information before you make a decision, you'll always be frozen. Be willing to move without knowing what's going to happen next.



Joe Calloway speaks on how great companies take performance to the next level and just keep getting better.  
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