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Hall of Fame Speaker Fitted for
Super Bowl Ring


HIGHLAND, UT: Shortly after the World Champion Baltimore Ravens were presented with their Super Bowl rings in a private ceremony at PSINet Stadium in Baltimore, Ravens President David Modell announced that one of only two non-Ravens associate, Art Berg, would be awarded the same honor. Berg, quadriplegic from a car accident in 1983, spoke to the Ravens players and coaches during training camp in the summer of 2000. His speech, titled "Take Control of Your Destiny" played a role in the team's storybook season and dominating style of play. Modell wrote, "[Art] should take special pride that his tone setting remarks last year, his continued participation in the journey and the inclusion of his message at the stadium played a special role."

Art Berg
Art Berg

The Super Bowl ring weighs 37 pennyweight, which is over three times heavier than the average men's ring, and contains about 200 diamonds, the most for a Super Bowl ring produced by Jostens, which has crafted rings for 23 of the 35 Super Bowl champions. Cast in 14-karat yellow gold, the top of the ring is shaped to symbolize PSINet Stadium and is surrounded at the base by 40 diamonds. Inside the base, the Ravens' helmet logo is the dominant image and is mounted upon an amethyst (purple) stone, with a white-gold diamond beak and a ruby eye. The backdrop is a football field made in white gold.

The sides of the ring included significant symbols from the championship season. The right side features the player's name and number, the Ravens' shield and the inscription, "Set the Standard," a phrase from the franchise's mission statement. The left panel has the SuperBowl XXXV logo, the final score (Ravens 34, Giants 7) and the Vince Lombardi Trophy rising out of PSINet.

Both sides contain the inscription "INVICTUS," the theme of a presentation given to the team during last year's training camp by world-class wheelchair athlete Art Berg. The team featured Berg's inspiration message through the season both in the stadium and locker room. During a three-game losing streak in October, Head Coach Brian Billick reminded players of Berg's inspirational speech and continuing commitment to the team. Modell writes Berg, "I am proud to inform you that the Baltimore Ravens are awarding you a Super Bowl ring as a thank-you for your commitment to this organization. Wear it with pride."

Art Berg is a professional motivational speaker and Vice President of the 4,000 member National Speakers Association. He has been inducted into its Speaker Hall of Fame.
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