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Our Decisions Reflect Our Accountability

by Jim Bearden

Our Decisions Reflect Our Accountability
Our Feelings Have the Power to Influence Our Behavior

We are all solely accountable for the quality of our lives. This first of my seven core values often elicits skeptical responses from audiences, many of whom perceive it as an extreme position. Compared with what we're seeing in society today, I admit that it is extreme.

I define accountability as acknowledged ownership of the choices we make and the consequences thereof. The quality of our lives is a consequence not of the people and situations we encounter but of the choices we make concerning them. Quality of life is a real-world example of choice and consequences-accountability.

Most of us use our feelings as indicators of the kind of day we're having. "Good" days are characterized by positive feelings, while we use negative feelings as a basis for labeling a day as "bad." Our feelings are important not only as indicators of the kind of day we're having but also because of their power to influence, or even determine, our behavior. Even when we exercise restraint in the face of a negative feeling, such as anger, and avoid expressing it overtly, the quality of our behavior will most certainly be affected by the anger and by the effort required for us to control our emotions.

Jim Bearden
Jim Bearden
Our feelings define the quality of our days and have an impact on our behavior; and our feelings, using my logic, are consequences. Question is, what causes our feelings? I believe that our feelings are at least partially caused by choices we make. We own the feelings, and even more significantly, we own the choices that have given life to those feelings. We are accountable for our feelings. But that is not the way most people see it.

Jim Bearden is a professional speaker that reflects the experience, enthusiasm and insight that have made him successful in so many challenging situations.

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